Waterpik ultra water flossers wp-100

Waterpik ultra water flossers have become compulsory for medical experts, especially for dentists that they should concern or view the technical specification of machines that are used in operation or general health services. In these days, Waterpik ultra water flossers wp 100 brands are greatly reputed throughout the world because these kinds of latest machines have excellent features and benefits for doctors. Usually, these are small size products that can easily be accommodated or carried away simply.

Portable or home use?

You can use this machine in outdoor as well as indoor operations. Recently, some well-known manufacturers of Waterpik have also added advanced parts or functions that can yield 100% performance. This efficiency rate plays a significant role to attract and emerge medical experts for shopping and using Waterpik in clinical operations.

Technical Specification of Waterpik ultra water flossers WP 100

It has been observed that the technical description of Waterpik wp 100 is very interesting as well as inspiring for customers. With a number of efforts, the exact technical specification of this fabulous product has been discovered. For your complete awareness, the product specification has been provided in the following paragraphs which are also different segments or parts of this dental product.

Exact Dimension

If you look at the shape or appearance of Waterpik, then definitely you will experience its dimension as follow.

Height, 8.8″, Width, 6.6″ and Depth, 5.5″

It means Waterpik ultra water flossers have a suitable size and dimension. Most of the doctors keep Waterpik in their handbags for outdoor operations.

Available Volume or Capacity

Waterpik has a specific volume that is enough to cope with different diseases, teeth infections, and other general purposes. Usually, a standard Waterpik product has a 90.0 cubic ft volume that is perfect for multiple uses in dental treatments.

Standard Jet Tips

Actually different models of Waterpik ultra water flossers have dissimilar sizes and number of jets included in these brands. Usually, Waterpik wp 100 has three standard jet tips, one orthodontic tip, and one pik pocket tip, etc. All these jet tips are utilized for various tasks or reduction of interior plaque.

External Material of Case

In the start, Waterpik was introduced just in few colors but in a single material case. Later on, with development in the latest technology the cases of Waterpik have been reshaped and manufactured in different forms with harder plastic.

Input Source

Every model or type of Waterpik runs or works on a single power source that is only electricity. Throughout the world, Waterpik ultra water flossers are being used abundantly and vastly by medical experts and dentists to cure teeth infections or diseases.

Expected Age of Working

Most of Waterpik manufacturers set the age limit of this excellent machine up to 2 years. But, it has been observed in developing countries that many doctors utilize Waterpik products for a long time.


Almost every Waterpik manufacturing company provides a 3-year warranty for its hardware components and performance. This warranty duration starts with purchasing time and ends within the coming 3 years.

Multiple Systems

Waterpik ultra water flossers are mostly used to reduce gum diseases, plaque, and bad breath. While on the other side, several dentists also use this useful product in different general or casual purposes including tongue cleaning and teeth care, etc.