Warrior Mouthguards – Vampire Fang Moldable Mouth Guard with Case for Youth and Adults

Product Description

Warrior Mouthguards – Vampire Fang Moldable Mouth Guard with Case for Youth and Adults 

  • GREAT FOR FOOTBALL, MMA & MORE: According to the American Dental Association, over 200,000 oral injuries are prevented by mouth guards each year. During contact sports like football, rugby, jiu-jitsu, UFC fighting, basketball, boxing, field hockey, wrestling, baseball, and lacrosse, it is especially important to wear oral protection to minimize the impact to your mouth and jaw.
  • FOR MEN, WOMEN & KIDS: To better provide Warrior Mouthguards protection for everyone, we sell our custom boil-and-bite mouth guards in adult and youth sizes. No matter your age or mouth size, we have mouth guards that will fit you comfortably and give you the protection you need while playing sports. Our mouth guards can even be worn with braces.
  • VARIOUS DESIGNS & COLORS: With 20+ bold designs and color options, we have the perfect mouth guard for every athlete. We use an advanced application process to ensure that the graphics are long-lasting and won™t rub off or fade.
  • BOIL & BITE FORMED FIT: Bring the water to a boil, remove the water from heat and submerse mouthguard for 35 seconds (Mouthguard should be pliable and soft), remove from the water, place guard in mouth and firmly bite down. Press upwards with your tongue using a sucking motion to suck as much air out from between your teeth and the mouthguard. Hold this position until the material is hard, then remove it and dip it in cold water until it has cooled down. Your mouthguard is then ready to go!
  • COMES WITH COMPACT HOLDER: Athletic mouth guards can get pretty nasty if you don™t take care of them. Our mouth guards come with a free storage case to help you keep germs, dirt, and bacteria off of your mouth guard. Each case holds a single mouth guard. Keep the holder in your gym bag for quick access and easy storage.

Type of mouthguards for teeth grinding

  • Tailored mouthguards: This type of mouthguard is the most suitable. Because it is made in the laboratory or at the dentist’s office, the piece has the ideal size and shape for your mouth, adjusting to the shape of your teeth perfectly. It is the one that best protects your mouth, and its use is exceptionally comfortable. It is no wonder that this is the preferred type of mouth guard for athletes and fighters. Tailored mouthguards are also indicated when the dentist diagnoses the patient with bruxism, a name given to the habit of clenching or grinding your teeth at night. This habit is very harmful to health and can cause dental and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems. This type of protector is also called a dental protector, bite plate, or night protector.
  • Mouthguards that are moldable in hot water:  The second type of mouthguard offers more excellent protection than standard protectors, but it is nowhere near custom-made. It works as follows: after being submerged in boiling water, the material is malleable, so that when you put it in your mouth, you can mold the protector to be closer to the shape of your teeth. This type of mouthguard is easily found in sporting goods stores.
  • Mouthguards with standard mold:  This type of protector is the most common – and the cheapest – among the protectors found on the market. As it is not malleable, it needs to adapt to the most different types of mouth and, therefore, it will always be a little wide, since it will not fit perfectly to the fit of your teeth. It is sold in three sizes: small, medium, and large. It is the mouthguard that least protects your mouth from impacts. However, it is better to use it than not to use anything.

Choosing the Best mouthguards for teeth grinding

  • Brand – As with all sports equipment, there are trusted brands. Some brands like Under Armor are well known in the world of contact sports, so we know their mouthguards are of good quality. We check the background of all brands included to make sure they know what they’re doing.
  • Quality – When it comes to protecting your body in contact sports, quality is paramount. You should know that your protection is going to do its job. Otherwise, there is no point in using it. These products are all high-quality mouthguards that will protect your teeth in the event of a collision.
  • Reviews – We review two types of studies when we choose the best products. First, we look at customer feedback on retail sites like Amazon. It’s a great way to find out how customers react to the product and, therefore, how you will too. Then we scour the Internet for professional product reviews. It allows us to get expert advice and learn about any details we may have missed.
  • Price – We understand that people have different budgets when it comes to protecting sports. So we tried to include a range of mouthguards at different It prices, without compromising the quality of the protection.

How to use mouthguards for teeth grinding?

  • Cover all upper teeth and palate (4 to 6mm).
  • It must not interfere with the free functional space.
  • It would be best if you did not traumatize the mucosa, and therefore, all angles should be rounded and the ends wedge-shaped for greater comfort.
  • Aesthetics should be acceptable and should not be overlooked.
  • In patients with dental absences, occlusal vinyl edges can be made on the protector to replace the teeth. Some precautions must be followed for better conservation of the mouth guard.
  • Cleaning should be done with toothpaste and brush immediately after use.
  • They must be kept dry in a perforated storage box.
  • Do not leave the protectors in contact with the sun to avoid drying out.
  • Do not grind your teeth against the protector, as this decreases its durability.
  • Remember that the protector is individual and is not recommended to be loaned.