Ultrasonic Kids Electric Toothbrush with Three Gear Speed, U Type Toothbrush,4 Species Skin can Replace Auto-Toothbrush Specially Designed for Kids,Green,2to6

Product Description

Ultrasonic Kids Electric Toothbrush with Three Gear Speed, U Type Toothbrush,4 Species Skin can Replace Auto-Toothbrush Specially Designed for Kids,Green,2to6 

  • At: time, the ultrasonic motor works, cooperates with the photo-catalytic toothpaste, drives the silicone toothbrush head to vibrate through The ultrasonic technology, and adjusts the appropriate gear.
  • Toothbrush specifications: Material: ABS + Food grade silicone; Product size: 10*6 cm/3.93*2.36 inch; Rated voltage: 5V.Remove dental plaque more on electric toothbrush than manual one, With superior cleaning ability.
  • USB charging mode: 3 kinds of voice reminder teaching mode, soft, efficient, comfortable, is the child’s favorite; USB charging mode, red light means charging, green light means full.IPX7 waterproof can be used at bath and shower, safely enjoy soft u0026 comfortable bristles against teeth.
  • Brush material: The brush head vibrates rapidly, and the physical cold light reaches deep into the teeth, which has a very prominent cleaning effect. At the same time, the silica gel toothbrush head uses the silica gel thin strip to wrap the exposed teeth in An all-round way, so as to clean the teeth without dead angle.

How to choose the best electric toothbrushes?

  • The brand: some brands are more famous than others. And it is enough to know the brand to judge its effectiveness.
    Size: This criterion makes it possible to cover all the teeth well during brushing. This criterion is the same for the brush head and its handle.
  • Autonomy: this criterion determines the time or duration of brushing and is closely linked to the capacity of the battery. The more the battery is autonomous, the better the choice of the electric battery.
  • Ergonomics: This criterion makes it possible to evaluate the grip of the toothbrush. It allows the user to feel very comfortable while brushing.
  • Operating modes: It is not only about brushing your teeth, but also about deep cleaning, gum cleaning, tongue cleaning, polishing, etc.
  • The type of movement: The rotational movements generated by the brushes with tilt-and-turn technology are opposed to the electric brush models with sonic vibrations. Those with rotary motions are the most effective.
  • Head shapes: The brush models that have a round and small head to clean the tooth from top to bottom with the most excellent ease are the most recommended. With these characteristics, since during brushing, rotary movements are carried out, the brush very quickly performs cleaning, even in the most difficult to access areas.
  • The price: the price is a very determining criterion in the choice of an electric toothbrush and varies according to the different functionalities which accompany the brush. Otherwise, models with very advanced features will, of course, cost more.

How to use the best electric toothbrushes? 

  • Dip the head of the toothbrush.
  • Place toothpaste the size of a pea on the brush.
  • Start brushing with the gum.
  • Continue with the inner surface of the teeth.
  • Continue with the external surface.
  • Make sure to brush two teeth at the same time with each pass.
  • Pass the bristles of the brush over the tongue without applying pressure.
  • Rinse your mouth.
  • Wash the head of the brush.
  • Make sure to dry the instrument as best as possible before reconnecting it to its charger if it is of the rechargeable type.

What are the advantages of an electric toothbrush?

  • Time savings: With the same cleaning time, the most electric toothbrushes representative clean your teeth better. With long brushing, similarly, good results can be achieved with manual toothbrushes.
  • Handling is much more comfortable: You no longer have to do the cleaning movement yourself. The toothbrush only needs to be guided along the surface of your teeth. It is not only easier but also more convenient.
  • Electric brushes are also suitable for children: However, the age recommendation printed on the package should be observed.
  • Effective clean: Studies show that the so-called plaque, i.e., the bacterial plaque, should be cleaned a little better by the high-tech brushes. It reduces the occurrence of inflammation of the gums.