Teeth Whitening Kit, CIGIHIT Teeth Whitening Gel Kit Professional Dental Whitener Set with 5X LED Light, 3X 5mL Syringes, Mouth Trays, Retainer Case

Product Description

Teeth Whitening Kit, CIGIHIT Teeth Whitening Gel Kit Professional Dental Whitener Set with 5X LED Light, 3X 5mL Syringes, Mouth Trays, Retainer Case 

  • [Daily Professional Whitening] — Teeth Whitening Kit contains the matching accelerator LED Light with whitening gel that can speed up the whitening process and improve the whitening effect. Easily using in your free time at home can achieve the professional whitening result
  • [Nano-Cold Light] — The Waterproof LED Light built-in 5 Nano-Cold Bulbs to strengthen the decomposition of stubborn teeth stain such as tea stains, tobacco stains, coffee stains, wine stains. Setting with the time beeper for keeping track of your whitening session time easily
  • [Smile Whitening Gel] — Kit includes (3X) 3ml teeth whitening gel syringes. made of natural mild and low-sensitivity ingredients, containing 35% Carbamide Peroxide and 20+ other whitening treatments. All formulas are certified by dentists and gluten-free, kosher, safe for enamel
  • [Gum Safe Tray] — The Mouth tray made from 100% medical grade silicone, conforms to the 270° teeth design needn™t molding or boiling that can fits any mouth comfortably. Provides a mold-able custom teeth tray that allows the whitening light&gel to fill the gaps of all the teeth, giving a more uniform whitening effect
  • [Satisfied Get In Kit] — 5X Bright LED Light in Timer, (3X)3ml Whitening Gel Syringes, 2X Silicone Custom Teeth Tray, 1X Patented Universal Mouth Tray, 1X Teeth&Mouth Tray Case. Watch TV or read books while taking the beauty instrument for 10-30 minutes, easy to get the full whitening results for 7-10days

How to use home teeth whitening kit?

  • Choose home teeth whitening kit.
  • Take the color of the teeth, photograph, shape, and order the trays for the laboratory.
  • Deliver the gels that come in a tube to apply at home.
  • Uses the trays during the period indicated by the dentist.
  • Evaluates the evolution of the whitening and can deliver more tubes of gel to improve the color, if necessary.
  • Make the photo and take the final color of the teeth.
  • HAPPY.

The types of teeth whitening

  • Homemade tooth whitening:  The homemade tooth whitening technique, performed outside the dental office and monitored by the dentist, is the most common and safe. Besides, it is also the one that brings better lighting results. It is suitable for all types of whitening needs. Its contraindication, however, is individuals with gingival diseases and extensive gingival retractions – the only disadvantages of this technique. It is always the first choice when aesthetic urgency does not count for much in the treatment.
  • In-office tooth whitening (conventional): The most common technique among those applied by the dentist in the dental office does not use light sources (LED, LASER, or halogen sources). And unlike home tooth whitening, whose treatment lasts between 7 to 21 days, the outpatient technique can deliver excellent results even in a single consultation – of 4 maximum possible sessions. But it has disadvantages: it is less secure to the teeth and can still leave the area close to the yellowed gums. It is indicated for aesthetic emergencies or individuals with extensive gingival retractions.
  • Laser tooth whitening: The most glamorous – and rare – a technique for tooth whitening can frustrate many individuals for the results. It is that, according to dental research, the effects of laser tooth whitening are similar to conventional techniques – and even inferior to the homemade technique, with trays. The indications follow the same for the other techniques applied in the office. The highest risks for pulp inflammation, however, must be taken into account when selecting the best technique.

Tips for selecting the best teeth whitening kit

  • Prevention and removal of thicker stains 48 hours before any tooth whitening is essential for more effective whitening results.
  • Gingival treatment may be necessary for individuals with bleeding and inflamed gums ( gingivitis and periodontitis ).
  • The application of desensitizers minimizes or even eliminates the problems of pain and tooth sensitivity both in-home and in-office techniques.
  • Extensive gingival retraction contraindicates home tooth whitening due to the high risk of pain and intense dental sensitivity.
  • The uses of less concentrated bleaching gels, in the homemade technique, bring less sensitivity and the results are similar to procedures with more concentrated gels – only the treatment time increases.
  • Reserve the combined use of whitening techniques (home + office) for special moments such as weddings or before treatments with dental contact lenses or laminated veneers.
  • The frequency of repeated tooth whitening is more associated with irreversible damage to tooth enamel than the types of tooth whitening used.
  •  Homemade tooth whitening, although taking longer, is the safest treatment with the most efficient results.
  • The quality of the gels used, regardless of the types of tooth whitening used matter in the bleaching results.
  • The polishing of the dental enamel, after the treatment, returns the shine and gives more durability for the whitening results.
    the repetition of tooth whitening (complete cycle) every two years can be considered safe for teeth.