Professional Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth- 4 Pcs, Thin Fit, Dental Moldable Night Guards for Teeth Grinding, Mouthguard Sports, Teeth Whitening Trays, Stops Bruxism, Clenching, Retainer Case.

Product Description

Professional Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth- 4 Pcs, Thin Fit, Dental Moldable Night Guards for Teeth Grinding, Mouthguard Sports, Teeth Whitening Trays, Stops Bruxism, Clenching, Retainer Case. 

  • MULTI-USE MOUTH GUARDS: If you’re struggling with nighttime teeth grinding, TMJ or jaw clenching – these night guards for teeth grinding are all you need to stop it. But that’s not all. You can also use it as a sports mouth guard or as teeth whitening trays. Because it fits so well, no gel will ever flow out so you can rest assured that you don’t waste your money.
  • 4 THIN FIT SMALL MOUTH GUARDS: Our thin fit and small mouth guard for grinding teeth can be molded and trimmed to fit any jaw. Forget the feeling of having a large boxing mouthpiece in your mouth. Wearing this dental guard is so seamless that you will forget about wearing it.
  • EASY MOLDING: All you need is warm water. Our bite guard for teeth grinding comes with instructions that explain exactly how to mold it perfectly. Everything takes just a few minutes.
  • NO MORE OVERCHARGING: You DON’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a high-quality mouth guard. Our BPA-free teeth grinding mouth guard for sleep gives you THE SAME EFFECT at a FRACTION of price. Plus, it comes with an antibacterial retainer case!
  • PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE: If you are unhappy with your dental guard for teeth grinding or have trouble molding it, let us know, and we will offer you a refund or a replacement. Even after 30 days of purchase!

Type of mouthguards for teeth grinding

  • Tailored mouthguards: This type of mouthguard is the most suitable. Because it is made in the laboratory or at the dentist’s office, the piece has the ideal size and shape for your mouth, adjusting to the shape of your teeth perfectly. It is the one that best protects your mouth, and its use is exceptionally comfortable. It is no wonder that this is the preferred type of mouth guard for athletes and fighters. Tailored mouthguards are also indicated when the dentist diagnoses the patient with bruxism, a name given to the habit of clenching or grinding your teeth at night. This habit is very harmful to health and can cause dental and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems. This type of protector is also called a dental protector, bite plate, or night protector.
  • Mouthguards that are moldable in hot water:  The second type of mouthguard offers more excellent protection than standard protectors, but it is nowhere near custom-made. It works as follows: after being submerged in boiling water, the material is malleable, so that when you put it in your mouth, you can mold the protector to be closer to the shape of your teeth. This type of mouthguard is easily found in sporting goods stores.
  • Mouthguards with standard mold:  This type of protector is the most common – and the cheapest – among the protectors found on the market. As it is not malleable, it needs to adapt to the most different types of mouth and, therefore, it will always be a little wide, since it will not fit perfectly to the fit of your teeth. It is sold in three sizes: small, medium, and large. It is the mouthguard that least protects your mouth from impacts. However, it is better to use it than not to use anything.

Choosing the Best mouthguards for teeth grinding

Comfortable fit: Most of the time, you will find the mouth guard to grind your teeth in the one-size-fits-all category. So it is important to consider a better option that can be a perfect fit for your teeth. If you don’t want to spend money on custom-made guards, then I think boiling and teeth-gnawing mouth protector is the perfect choice for you. They are available at reasonable prices and guarantee maximum comfort as well.

Construction: There are two categories of grinding mouth guard teeth, which are: single-walled and double-walled. As I said earlier, many people opt for the unique mouthguard walls. Since then, you are looking for a mouth guard to grind your teeth at night, I suggest you opt for the double-walled mouthguards. Because they protect the teeth at the top, as well as the lower jaw.

Durability: Once you have decided to use a mouth guard to grind your teeth, it is best that you get the value for money you spend on guarding your mouth. So, choose the best device that is durable for a night’s sleep. For better durability, go for the mouthguard to grind your teeth, which is made of soft plastic.

How to use mouthguards for teeth grinding?

  • Place the dental protector in the boiling water for approximately 5 seconds.
  • Place between the teeth and tighten the jaws for approximately 10 seconds.
  • Put the mouthguard in cold water for 20 seconds.
  • If it is not fully adapted and adjusted, we will repeat the procedure.
  • If the mouthguard is double, we must keep the small part of plastic throughout the procedure. We will remove it as soon as the mouthguard is fully adapted.