HailiCare Teeth Whitening Kit, 16X LED Professional Light with USB or Phone for Whiter Teeth, 25 Minutes Auto Shut-off, No Sensitivity, Include 3 Teeth Whitening Pens! The Smart Teeth Whitening System

Product Description

HailiCare Teeth Whitening Kit, 16X LED Professional Light with USB or Phone for Whiter Teeth, 25 Minutes Auto Shut-off, No Sensitivity, Include 3 Teeth Whitening Pens! The Smart Teeth Whitening System 

  • PROFESSIONAL TEETH WHITENING AT HOME “Get home teeth whitening without having the expense and inconvenience of going to the dentist yet getting the same results. Remove all Stains from Coffee, Smoking and Red Wine. Experience up to an 8 shade whiter smile in 7 days. Deep penetration and elimination of all stains and yellow on teeth. Restores teeth to brightest white teeth.
  • SEE RESULTS AFTER FIRST USE – Use once a day for 20 minutes to effectively and quickly remove years of stains caused by coffee, tea, wine, smoking, soda and more. Many people experience whitening after the first application of HailiCare.
  • SAFE & EASY TO USE – Simply place the whitening gel in the mouthpiece, plug into any USB (mobile phone or tablet) and whiten for 20 minutes, the device will automatically turn off after 25 minutes for optimal whitening results. There are no harmful side effects to the teeth, gums, braces, and veneers. Use daily until you achieve your desired results.
  • ENAMEL-SAFE & PAINLESS FORMULA! “A system that is approved by dentists around the world, which guarantees your enamel™s safety and is ideal even for cases of extra sensitivity, because it is completely painless and risk-free.
  • KIT INCLUDES: (1) 1x 16 LED whitening lights built into a tray with USB/Andriod/iPhone/Type-C connectors, (2) 3x 3ml Teeth Whithening Pens, (3) 7x Cleansing Teeth Wipes, (4) 1x Shade Guide, (5) 1x User Guide.

How to use home teeth whitening kit?

  • Choose home teeth whitening kit.
  • Take the color of the teeth, photograph, shape, and order the trays for the laboratory.
  • Deliver the gels that come in a tube to apply at home.
  • Uses the trays during the period indicated by the dentist.
  • Evaluates the evolution of the whitening and can deliver more tubes of gel to improve the color, if necessary.
  • Make the photo and take the final color of the teeth.
  • HAPPY.

The types of teeth whitening

Homemade tooth whitening

  • Many dentists can also combine in-office treatment with home whitening. For this, they make a special tray, personalized for each patient, providing with it a whitening gel with a concentration of 10% to 22% of carbamide peroxide for that patient to continue the treatment at home.
  • This gel can be used during some hours of the day or even during the night while sleeping. But beware: all treatment must be followed up weekly by the dentist, in the office, and it can take up to 4 weeks to reach a good result.

Laser tooth whitening

  • One of the most recent types of whitening and widely disseminated in the media channels is the laser. The technique uses braces and heat sources to accelerate tooth whitening. However, even with so much publicity, this model does not usually have better results than home bleaching.
  • Its main advantage is the shorter application time, which lasts about 1 hour. For those who do not want to spend a lot of time inside the office or have specific problems, such as gingival retraction, this technique is an excellent alternative.

Conjugated whitening

  • The best method for a quick, effective, and long-lasting result is the combination of the two whitening methods, home whitening, and laser tooth whitening.

Essential Tips for start teeth whitening treatment

  • Prevention and removal of stains and tartar are essential and need to be performed at least 48 hours before starting tooth whitening.
  • Previous desensitization can decrease or even eliminate the appearance of pain and sensitive teeth during the procedure.
  • Techniques applied in the office, by the dentist, should be restricted to aesthetic emergencies and individuals with extensive gingival retractions.
  • Homemade tooth whitening brings whitening results superior to ambulatory techniques.
  • The combined use of homemade and professional technologies delivers excellent results compared to any method, in isolated use.
  • Avoid foods based on artificial colors, wines and grape juices, teas, tobacco, and green vegetables during and up to 7 days after the bleaching procedure, regardless of the technique.
  • Despite the higher risks, the whitening treatment performed in the office, irrespective of the method, results in a smaller number of individuals with sensitive teeth or spontaneous pain.
  • Dental polishing after tooth whitening makes the accumulation of stains difficult and reduces the speed of the yellowing of teeth.