Product Description


  • WHY CLEARCO?- ClearCo™s Activated Charcoal Toothpaste was hand picked for You by Us. <3 We want to keep it real and clear with you about the products you are using. With simplicity to inspire our ingredients, service, and purpose, ClearCo™s 1st product was created: Activated Charcoal Toothpaste Infused with Bamboo Tree Oil. By adding ClearCo™s toothpaste to your daily and nightly routine, you will be able to quickly gain and maintain the healthy white smile you have always had.
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  • HOW DOES CLEARCO WORK?- By using our smooth formula and brushing for 1-2minutes, it will allow for the Activated Charcoal to effectively absorb anything that doesn™t belong on the surface of your enamel, rather than just scratching away at stains and taking you enamel along with it. Powder is simply just too abrasive for your teeth and harsh chemicals erode your enamel

How to use home teeth whitening kit?

  • Dentist molds the patient’s dental arch.
  • A silicone tray is made from the model obtained.
  • Then, you get this tray with a tube kit, containing hydrogen peroxide or carbamide.
  • The patient is advised to put some of the gel in the tray and use it for a few hours –
  • Use it at night.
  • The product should be used in a small amount. Otherwise, the patient may suffer from sensitive teeth.
  •  It is necessary to monitor the professional to check if the treatment is providing the expected results.



The types of teeth whitening

Homemade tooth whitening

  • Many dentists can also combine in-office treatment with home whitening. For this, they make a special tray, personalized for each patient, providing with it a whitening gel with a concentration of 10% to 22% of carbamide peroxide for that patient to continue the treatment at home.
  • This gel can be used during some hours of the day or even during the night while sleeping. But beware: all treatment must be followed up weekly by the dentist, in the office, and it can take up to 4 weeks to reach a good result.

Laser tooth whitening

  • One of the most recent types of whitening and widely disseminated in the media channels is the laser. The technique uses braces and heat sources to accelerate tooth whitening. However, even with so much publicity, this model does not usually have better results than home bleaching.
  • Its main advantage is the shorter application time, which lasts about 1 hour. For those who do not want to spend a lot of time inside the office or have specific problems, such as gingival retraction, this technique is an excellent alternative.

Conjugated whitening

  • The best method for a quick, effective, and long-lasting result is the combination of the two whitening methods, home whitening, and laser tooth whitening.

Tips for selecting the best teeth whitening kit

  • Prevention and removal of thicker stains 48 hours before any tooth whitening is essential for more effective whitening results.
  • Gingival treatment may be necessary for individuals with bleeding and inflamed gums ( gingivitis and periodontitis ).
  • The application of desensitizers minimizes or even eliminates the problems of pain and tooth sensitivity both in-home and in-office techniques.
  • Extensive gingival retraction contraindicates home tooth whitening due to the high risk of pain and intense dental sensitivity.
  • The uses of less concentrated bleaching gels, in the homemade technique, bring less sensitivity and the results are similar to procedures with more concentrated gels – only the treatment time increases.
  • Reserve the combined use of whitening techniques (home + office) for special moments such as weddings or before treatments with dental contact lenses or laminated veneers.
  • The frequency of repeated tooth whitening is more associated with irreversible damage to tooth enamel than the types of tooth whitening used.
  •  Homemade tooth whitening, although taking longer, is the safest treatment with the most efficient results.
  • The quality of the gels used, regardless of the types of tooth whitening used matter in the bleaching results.
  • The polishing of the dental enamel, after the treatment, returns the shine and gives more durability for the whitening results.
    the repetition of tooth whitening (complete cycle) every two years can be considered safe for teeth.