Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste – Organic Coconut Charcoal – Freshens Breath – Remineralizing Tooth Powder

Product Description

Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste – Organic Coconut Charcoal – Freshens Breath – Remineralizing Tooth Powder 

  • Whiter Teeth & Brighter SmileThe charcoal molecules penetrate into the microporous of teeth, breaking down the protein mucosa on the surface. Keethem teeth whitening charcoal removes coffee, tea, wine, and tobacco stains, strengthens enamel, improves gum health and freshens breath. Higher Efficiency than charcoal toothpaste, strips, kits, & gels.
  • Safe On Sensitive TeethKeethem Active Charcoal is specially formulated to ensure even the most delicate teeth won™t suffer. 100% organic Coconut Activated Charcoal powder without harsh chemicals, fluoride, and artificial colors and flavors. Great for sensitive teeth and improves oral health. FDA approved.
  • Stunning Results With Easy StepsUse twice a day, changes come in after 5-7 days treatments, results will vary depending upon usage via everyone’s oral hygiene state. Gently brush your teeth with our activated charcoal daily for 30 days to ensure best results, as the teeth are the most difficult whitener part.
  • Expert Charcoal ToothbrushKeethem Activated Charcoal Toothbrush is designed to eliminate some of the shortcomings of some conventional. Each toothbrush contains long bristles that access hard-to-reach areas, and that are soft enough to provide comfort during brushing. Give your oral health a new lease of life with our new quality toothbrush pack.
  • 100% Risk Free PurchaseKeethem Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder comes with customer satisfaction promise. If you are not completely content and find anything wrong with yours, feel free to contacts us for a full refund or exchange.

How to use home teeth whitening kit?

  • The dentist produces his tray for each patient.
  • A kind of silicone cover for the teeth. It is with it that the gel should be applied.
  • Trays have the exact shape of each person’s dental arch. They help to improve results and reduce side effects. 
  • The patient takes the tray home with the products indicated by the specialist. 
  • Many people prefer to lighten at night while they are sleeping. 
  • One hour of use per day is enough to promote whitening without generating too much sensitivity.
  • During the night, the gel used is 10% to 22% Carbamine peroxide, weaker than the gel used in offices. 
  • During the day, the option is up to 7.5% Hydrogen Peroxide. 
  • The total treatment time varies from case to case. 
  • The completion of treatment will depend on the dentist’s evaluation.

The types of teeth whitening

Homemade tooth whitening

  • Many dentists can also combine in-office treatment with home whitening. For this, they make a special tray, personalized for each patient, providing with it a whitening gel with a concentration of 10% to 22% of carbamide peroxide for that patient to continue the treatment at home.
  • This gel can be used during some hours of the day or even during the night while sleeping. But beware: all treatment must be followed up weekly by the dentist, in the office, and it can take up to 4 weeks to reach a good result.

Laser tooth whitening

  • One of the most recent types of whitening and widely disseminated in the media channels is the laser. The technique uses braces and heat sources to accelerate tooth whitening. However, even with so much publicity, this model does not usually have better results than home bleaching.
  • Its main advantage is the shorter application time, which lasts about 1 hour. For those who do not want to spend a lot of time inside the office or have specific problems, such as gingival retraction, this technique is an excellent alternative.

Conjugated whitening

  • The best method for a quick, effective, and long-lasting result is the combination of the two whitening methods, home whitening, and laser tooth whitening.

Tips for the correct teeth whitening

  • During treatment, it is also vital that the patient avoid the consumption of highly pigmented foods, as, during the use of whitening gels, the teeth become more porous. Therefore, there are risks of the appearance of stains.
  • Meals and beverages such as coffee, açaí, soft drinks, hot sauces, and processed products should be avoided during the treatment period. 
  • The cigarette must be suspended. Otherwise, the results will not be satisfactory.
  • Avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages and very acidic foods. 
  • Oral hygiene should always be done after meals, and floss should be used daily.
  • Use colorless toothpaste and, if using rinses, they should be white, as colored products hinder the whitening result.