Best whitening toothpaste 2019

We check, test, and search for information about the best whitening toothpaste 2019.  We read all the pros and cons and then conclude our assessment before you spend any money.

We set this post up because we were simply tired of wasting money on products that we didn’t know if they worked or not.  Now you can find out what the world is saying about a particular product before you pull out your credit card and spend money.

How do we review for the best whitening toothpaste 2019?

We do our best to list all the pros and cons of each of the best whitening toothpaste 2019 products based on what customers of the product are already saying.

See the best whitening toothpaste 2019 by name brand to find a review you’d like to read more about.

On another note about the way, we conduct our reviews here.  If we haven’t personally tested something we will mention in the whitening toothpaste review what the majority of people are saying.  These are real reviewers and we get to the bottom of how good a product actually is.

Our best whitening toothpaste 2019


The Crest Whitening Toothpaste worked great in testing the best whitening toothpaste 2019. In fact, it worked great on its own and made a clear difference in the look of teeth.  Some people have a note they are seeing whiter teeth in as little as 3 days with the toothpaste alone.

Let’s look at the noted pros and cons of the Crest Whitening Toothpaste.


Works well in a short amount of time. Using all 3 products in the kit in conjunction is definitely the best way to whiten your teeth rather than just relying on toothpaste alone.  The price isn’t bad at all considering most whitening strips alone are in the high $20-$30 range. Having the additional products added to this for a little bit more helps.

The instructions are easy to use and many people agree they are easy to read and follow.


The only cons we could find on this Crest whitening toothpaste and strip kit was one person mentioned it was painful to use. No one else mentioned this so it seems this is one person’s opinion. However, several other reviewers mention the complete opposite and say “It’s easy on the teeth.”


Rembrandt Whitening Toothpaste has been around for a while.  Let’s catch up on what the buzz is in the industry on this brand and more importantly – is it the best whitening toothpaste 2019?


Many people have reported decent results with this product.  It has a decent price tag. Several people mention that it leaves your mouth feeling minty and clean and it seems most agree it takes quite a few uses but that it really works well.  Many seemed to focus on the fact that it works best if used on a regular consistent basis as mentioned by the company.


There are a few cons brought up by a few people.  The biggest concern seemed to be some people who believed it didn’t work as advertised.  While others believed that the toothpaste itself felt gritty and rough.  The only thing I couldn’t find is if these people were actually using the product correctly.  No one really mentioned if they used it exactly per the instruction and if they did how long did they use it.  I couldn’t find much more negative on this product so that is a good sign.

Overall:  This product received 4 stars on many websites but is not in our top spot.  This means we believe the Rembrandt Whitening Toothpaste to be a good product.  You can buy this product here.  Read our top recommended whitening product here.  Our Top Recommended Whitening Toothpaste kit.


Opalescence is one of the best whitening toothpaste 2019.  Today I’ll be reviewing how well this brand stacks up against the others.  This review covers just their toothpaste product.


This brand is easy to use and people are saying it whitens a couple of shades over the course of a few weeks.  It has a mild mint flavor and does not have a bad after taste or burn like some teeth whitening toothpaste do.

The price is excellent at under $10 and the 4.7 oz tube lasts quite a long time unless you’re really caking the product on (which you shouldn’t do).

Buying it online is the way to get the best deal.  In fact, browse here for cheaper prices.


A small number of people have reported they didn’t see much effect from this product.  Some people also claim that this opalescence toothpaste doesn’t leave a minty feel and super clean feel in the mouth.

Another person states the product is good but not overwhelmingly amazing.  However, the majority of the review is top-notch.