Are electric toothbrush better than manual brush?

Now we are going to address a somewhat controversial subject. Let’s discuss in the lines below, Are electric toothbrush better?: The manual or the electric brush, and so you will have arguments to choose your favorite.

Are electric toothbrush better move than manual ones?

Some electric toothbrushes offer an evolution in their execution of movements that can reach up to 48,800 movements per minute, which differs from the manual brush that depends on the user’s ability to handle.

Is this an advantage?

The handling of the brush is a determining issue so that the movements can have an effect on mouth cleaning, and the speed of the movements of an electric toothbrush, can only have an effect if you have the understanding of how to use it, that is, in this respect, it is the human factor that will make all the difference.

Manual brush: Do you really know how to brush?

A soft bristle manual brush is the most recommended in this category, but its cleaning effectiveness can only work if you know how to use it. Due to misuse, many end up lasting less than 3 months, with the deformation of their bristles. Cleaning movements must follow a logic, a pattern determined by your dentist.

So are there better points to buy an electric toothbrush? Well, let’s say that modernity has many advantages, but there is a catch to all of these advantages.

Are electric toothbrush better features?

Visual pressure sensors (measuring the strength of your brushing), programming various types of brushing (deep and daily cleaning), are some of the multiple functions that an electric toothbrush offers, but your investment will only make sense if you learn to use it correctly, and know-how to define the current state of your tooth because if you have sensitive teeth for example and program it for cleaning with more pressure, this can harm the results you seek.

After this information, it is possible to realize that there are pros and cons in choosing these brushes, whether manual or electric, however, we can reach a definition.

Are electric toothbrushes better?

We can say that there is a technical tie in the comparison: Are electric toothbrushes better, because both have benefits that are effective, but the big difference is in the way they are used. But you can even dispute the fact that the technology of an electric brush offers greater advantages, but we see in both types good attributes, and what will make one better or worse than the other, is the use.